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EVs Made Easy: Introducing EVInstaFleet

Today, cars and trucks account for the single largest source of carbon emissions in the United States.

These emissions, which continue to rise annually, have directly contributed to the increase in climate disasters like droughts, floods, severe storms and fires by a factor of five over the past 50-years.

Yet, gas-powered cars are still the standard method of transportation for most individuals and small businesses.

Over the past decade, however, fully-electric vehicle (EV) alternatives finally entered the market. While promising an environmental driving experience, they’ve widely been considered a premium automobile option, with average sticker prices 25-30% higher than traditional gas-consuming cars.

Aligned with this trend, EV manufacturers like Tesla have seen significant success amongst wealthier consumers. Still, most drivers don’t feel they can afford an electric car, despite their desire to be more environmentally conscious.

The thing is, EVs are actually cheaper over the vehicle’s lifespan. When you factor in maintenance and repairs, fueling costs, and depreciation, it’s clear that EVs are the better financial and environmental investment. For EV-preneurs, who are creating businesses and jobs centered around EV-powered rentals, deliveries and ridesharing, these savings are even more critical.

At Spring Free EV, we believe that individuals’ or businesses’ ability to protect the environment should not depend on their financial success. That’s why we launched last year with a mission to accelerate the adoption of EVs through innovative fintech products.

Now, less than a year after emerging out of stealth, we’re excited to announce our latest product: EVInstaFleet.

Introducing: EVInstaFleet

Traditionally, vehicle financing solutions are costly and require individuals to put up massive amounts of collateral. With an upwards of six-month wait time and requirements for personal guarantees, millions of drivers haven’t even considered EVs as a viable option.

That’s where EVInstaFleet comes in.

Instead of requiring cash and guarantees upfront, EVInstaFleet uses a pay-per-mile subscription model, charging customers a base monthly fee plus a fee per mile driven. This process ensures all drivers have the opportunity to choose an EV, without fear of unaffordability or acquiring debt.

For businesses, EVInstaFleet lowers the barrier to entry for acquiring fleet vehicles. What was once a costly process that required small business owners to mortgage their homes or borrow money, EVInstaFleet users avoid inflated upfront costs while saving on long-term operational costs. Essentially, EVInstaFleet minimizes risk and, for the first time, makes buying an electric vehicle a practical option.

Take it from one of our users, EV-preneur Brenda Jones, who used EVInstaFleet to buy two new Teslas for her business, Floss Angeles. After almost immediately renting them out, she ordered two more to simultaneously grow her business while also reducing her environmental impact.

Our EVInstaFleet application process is designed to be stress-free, quick and unbiased. That way, we can encourage as many people as possible to make the switch to electric.

To apply, EV-preneurs and individuals interested in EVs can visit: SpringFreeEV.com/EVInstaFleet.

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