Gig Drivers:
Go Electric and Earn More Per Ride

Electrify your ride

Our new leasing program for gig drivers is launching soon!

Designed to provide an affordable path to ownership. 3-Year, high mileage leases for top rated Tesla Model 3s and Chevrolet Bolts.

$175/week. No mileage cap

Earn $1 more per ride per eligible Uber ride

Add cars

Path to ownership. More miles driven, the lower the buyout cost

Driver Eligibility & Requirements

  • Uber rating of 4.85+
  • Drive a minimum of 500 miles/week
  • Must be 25 years of age or older
  • Provide proof of insurance


  • Starting at $175/week
  • Active credit or debit card
  • $500 order fee per vehicle
  • Registration and refundable security deposit due prior to delivery of vehicle
Tesla 3