Florida Fleet Services with Spring Free EV: The Future of Mobility

Florida is leading the way in creating greener commercial fleets and significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Orlando alone has already adopted a number of EVs into the city’s fleet, and by 2050, is projected to have 544,000 EVs in operation. To service the growing number of EVs across Florida, both the city and state governments are adding charging stations to city parks and other public spaces.

Even so, the upcoming transition is daunting for many fleet managers with high-mileage business needs. But with Spring Free EV’s comprehensive fleet service package, the transition to electric commercial vehicles is seamless and stress-free for all varieties of fleet sizes.

Why Spring Free EV is the Top Choice for Florida Fleet Services?

Spring Free EV is the top choice for Florida fleet services looking to reduce their carbon emissions, as we offer unique advantages that cater to the needs of the businesses in the region. Here’s why:

Designed for High Mileage Usage in Florida

Is your fleet deployed across the sprawling Tampa metroplex? Are you regularly making deliveries from Fort Lauderdale, through Central Florida, up to the panhandle? Then Spring Free EV is designed just for you and your fleet needs. 

SFEV’s fleet leasing solutions are crafted to meet the demands of high-mileage fleets, including taxi services, car rentals, and company vehicles across Florida. 

Significant Cost Savings with Electric Vehicles

By partnering with Spring Free EV, businesses can significantly reduce their costs. Many companies, including Hertz, have saved up to 60% in maintenance costs in the transition to electric fleets. This is because EVs require less maintenance, have fewer moving parts, and are more energy-efficient overall.

But beyond the inherent benefits of EVs, SFEV’s fleet financing options make electric vehicle fleets even more viable. Spring Free EV offers low down payments and flexible lease terms to significantly reduce the initial investment of transitioning to electric. Spring Free EV also partners with businesses to take advantage of all of Florida’s current incentives and rebates.

Embrace the Future of Mobility in Florida

The future of mobility in Florida is green, and the time for adoption is now. By partnering with Spring Free EV, Florida businesses will gain the following:

Spring Free EV offers a wide range of electric vehicles, including Tesla and Chevy Bolts. This ensures that businesses have access to some of the best EVs on the market and have a range of options that fit their specific needs and preferences.

Spring Free EV provides a range of fleet management solutions, including vehicle acquisition, charging infrastructure installation, maintenance and repair services, and fleet management software. This comprehensive package simplifies the transition to electric vehicles and helps businesses optimize their fleet operations.

Spring Free EV’s fleet services are designed to be scalable, allowing businesses to start with a small number of electric vehicles and gradually expand their fleet as business needs change. You might start with a handful of service trucks, only to realize you need significantly more as demand increases. This flexibility is essential in a dynamic market like Florida, where companies may experience fluctuations in demand.

Spring Free EV’s mission is to promote the adoption of electric vehicles and reduce carbon emissions. As Florida continues to lead the nation toward sustainability, Spring Free EV is the perfect partner for fleet managers and owners.


Unlike traditional leases, we are specifically for commercial use, have lower upfront costs, and are best suited for high mileage driving.

Our base monthly price includes 1,800 – 2,000 miles per month, depending on the vehicle. Once the included miles are reached we charge $0.08-$0.31 per mile.

Our vehicles can not be used as a personal vehicle. At this time we only offer commercial leases which require a business license to qualify. 

Electric vehicles (EVs) cut maintenance costs by having fewer moving parts, simplified maintenance routines (e.g. no oil changes), longer-lasting brakes, improved battery technology for longer lifespan, and utilizing remote monitoring for proactive maintenance. These factors lead to significantly reduced maintenance expenses compared to traditional vehicles.

Companies like Hertz estimate that they save 50-60% on maintenance by switching to electric vehicles. This in turn allows them to increase their profit margins.

On average, it costs $10-$30 to go from empty to full, depending on the kind of charger used. That cost is even lower if you’re able to charge at home – dropping down to $6 on average. 

For comparison, it costs gas vehicles $46-$57 on average to fill up.

We’re a seasoned group of entrepreneurs with rich backgrounds in mobility (Tesla, Sidecar, Getaround, Revel), renewable energy finance (Sunrun, Mosaic), and structured finance (Morgan Stanley, Rabobank).

Our investors include Reid Hoffman (co-founder of LinkedIn), Ev Williams (founder of Twitter), Stephen DeBerry (founder of Bronze VC) and Spring Lane Capital.

Serving Top Florida Locations

Spring Free EV has established a robust presence across key areas in Florida, extending its services to major hubs such as Miami, Lakeland, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Tallahassee, and throughout Central Florida. Whether you need roadside assistance, on-site auto repair services, or overall fleet maintenance, Spring Free EV’s is on the ground and ready to help.

Our strategic footprint within Florida’s bustling cities and technology epicenters ensures we are well-placed to provide comprehensive fleet services, including tailored leasing solutions, maintenance services, and charging infrastructure support, to various industries and businesses. Our strong presence in Florida underscores Spring Free EV’s dedication to driving electric vehicle adoption and sustainability throughout the state.

Join the EV Revolution in Florida with Spring Free EV

Florida, it’s time to embrace the future of mobility with Spring Free EV and make the leap toward more sustainable and cost-effective commercial fleets. Take advantage of the opportunity to drive positive change for your business and the environment. Contact Spring Free EV now and join the electric vehicle revolution in Florida!

How you save with Spring Free EV

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Spring Free EV lease vs Traditional lease
  • Example: BMW 330i vs Tesla Model 3
  • Based on 125 miles/day and 36-month lease
Traditional lease BMW 330i BMW 330i Spring Free EV Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3
Total Upfront costs1 $4,255 $1,250
Effective monthly payment (Lease payment, overage, down payment) $1,312 $1,244
Est. Fuel / Charging cost2 $444 $234
Maintenance3 $375 $225
Monthly TCO $2,131 $1,703
Monthly savings with Spring Free EV $428
Yearly Savings with Spring Free EV $5,132

[1] Manufacturer advertised down payment on May 2023. Actual rate may vary.

[2] Advertised lease payment for southern California, May 2023. Actual rate may vary.

[3] Overage rate is $0.25 per mile over 1,250 (the average monthly mileage for a 15,000 mile per year lease)

[4] Fuel estimate for BMW 330i is based on 30 combined MPG and $3.55 gas/gallon. Charging estimate for Tesla Model 3 are based on 4.0 mi/kWh and $0.25 charging costs. Actual rates may vary.

[5] Average maintenance cost for a gas vehicle is $0.10 per mile. Average cost maintenance cost for EVs is $0.06 per mile

How Spring Free EV is different

No mileage cap

Leases come with 1,800+ miles/mo. Beyond that, pay only 8-16 cents

Path to purchase

Option to buy at end of term — the more miles driven, the lower the buyout price

One-stop supplier

From sedans and SUVs, vans to trucks, we’re your source for electric vehicles

Optimize cash flow

Low upfront costs (including a refundable deposit)

Here to help you scale

Build your business credit with each lease payment