You got a fleet, we got your EVs!

Fleet Managers Adding EVs has never been easier — or smarter.

The keys to accelerate your business

Adding electric vehicles to your fleet has never been easier — or smarter. 

Qualify based on business health not personal credit score

Quickly add popular vehicles to your inventory

Lower maintenance and fuel costs

Aimed at high mileage usage

Be a part of the future of transportation

How you save with Spring Free EV

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Spring Free EV lease vs Traditional lease
  • Example: BMW 330i vs Tesla Model 3
  • Based on 125 miles/day and 36-month lease
Traditional lease BMW 330i BMW 330i Spring Free EV Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3
Total Upfront costs1 $4,255 $1,250
Effective monthly payment (Lease payment, overage, down payment) $1,312 $1,244
Est. Fuel / Charging cost2 $444 $234
Maintenance3 $375 $225
Monthly TCO $2,131 $1,703
Monthly savings with Spring Free EV $428
Yearly Savings with Spring Free EV $5,132

[1] Manufacturer advertised down payment on May 2023. Actual rate may vary.

[2] Advertised lease payment for southern California, May 2023. Actual rate may vary.

[3] Overage rate is $0.25 per mile over 1,250 (the average monthly mileage for a 15,000 mile per year lease)

[4] Fuel estimate for BMW 330i is based on 30 combined MPG and $3.55 gas/gallon. Charging estimate for Tesla Model 3 are based on 4.0 mi/kWh and $0.25 charging costs. Actual rates may vary.

[5] Average maintenance cost for a gas vehicle is $0.10 per mile. Average cost maintenance cost for EVs is $0.06 per mile

How Spring Free EV is different

Low upfront payment
Shorter term options available
Created for high mileage usage
Unlimited miles
For commercial usage
Traditional lease
Spring Free EV

Introducing the MPA: a revolutionary new way to pay for electric vehicles

The Mileage Purchase Agreement (MPA) is a first-of-its-kind financial product that makes electric vehicles more affordable by reducing the upfront costs and charging a fee per mile of use. The MPA removes the biggest barrier of electric vehicle adoption — cost

EV Dude

We have a bold mission to reduce climate change. Join us!

We’re on a mission to reduce C02 emissions by one gigaton through a new approach to vehicle financing that unlocks electric vehicle access for everyone. Join us to power what’s next in transportation.

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