Spring Free EV Partners with Halo.Car for Groundbreaking Remote-Driven Vehicle Beta Program

Spring Free EV is excited to announce its collaboration with Halo.Car. Through this partnership, we’ll be able to offer remote-driven to our customers as part of the beta launch of Halo.Car’s  innovative new program. 

Pioneering Remote Driving Technology

Halo.Car, renowned for its cutting-edge remote driving technology, enables vehicles to be operated remotely via LTE and 5G networks. This technology allows vehicles equipped with cameras that stream video to drive consoles at a central operations center to be ‘piloted’ by trained drivers from remote locations. Halo.Car formally unveiled this breakthrough at the International Car Rental Show in Las Vegas.

Transforming Fleet Operations

The Halo beta program marks a significant milestone as it opens up this technology to external fleet operators for the first time. Spring Free EV, alongside EV rental companies like EV Access and Joulez, is among the first to participate in this trailblazing program. This initiative promises to revolutionize how fleets are managed, enhancing operational efficiency and customer convenience.

Benefits to Fleet Operators and Customers

Remote drivers can dramatically streamline fleet operations by delivering vehicles directly to customers, bypassing the need for physical travel to rental locations. This enhances customer satisfaction by offering unparalleled convenience and reduces operational costs for fleet operators. Justin Pappan, CEO of EV Access, highlighted the customer benefits, noting the unique delivery experience where “vehicles come to the customers,” enhancing the overall rental process.

Micah Bergdale, CEO of Joulez, also emphasized the shift in customer expectations towards a more digital, seamless service experience. Joulez’s commitment to redefining the EV renting experience aligns perfectly with the capabilities offered by Halo’s remote driving technology.

Spring Free EV’s Role in the Beta Program

As a partner in this beta program, Spring Free EV will provide customers with leasing options for new or used EVs equipped with Halo’s remote driving technology. This partnership extends the innovative tech to more fleet operators and ensures that Spring Free EV’s clients benefit from the latest advancements in fleet technology.

Looking Ahead

This collaboration between Spring Free EV and Halo.Car represents a significant leap forward in adopting advanced technologies in fleet management. It underscores Spring Free EV’s commitment to innovation and customer service excellence. As we continue to support the growth and transformation of our clients’ fleets, we are excited about the possibilities that remote driving technology brings to the industry.

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