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With leases built for high mileage taxi, car rental, and corporate/company vehicle use, we make it easy to scale with popular electric vehicles.

To qualify, companies must have a business license and pass a business health check. 

How it works

We use a monthly pay-per-mile subscription model. Our prices are the lowest in the category

  • Customers pay a monthly base rate that includes 1,800 – 2,000 miles/month
  • Above the included miles, we charge $0.08-$0.31 per mile 

Why Spring Free EV


Optimize capital with low upfront fees


Cut maintenance costs by up to 50-60%


Tax deductible lease payments


Our vehicles can not be used as a personal vehicle. At this time we only offer commercial leases which require a business license to qualify. 

Electric vehicles (EVs) cut maintenance costs by having fewer moving parts, simplified maintenance routines (e.g. no oil changes), longer-lasting brakes, improved battery technology for longer lifespan, and utilizing remote monitoring for proactive maintenance. These factors lead to significantly reduced maintenance expenses compared to traditional vehicles.

On average, it costs $10-$30 to go from empty to full, depending on the kind of charger used. That cost is even lower if you’re able to charge at home – dropping down to $6 on average. 

For comparison, it costs gas vehicles $46-$57 on average to fill up.

We’re a seasoned group of entrepreneurs with rich backgrounds in mobility (Tesla, Sidecar, Getaround, Revel), renewable energy finance (Sunrun, Mosaic), and structured finance (Morgan Stanley, Rabobank).

Our partners include Tesla, General Motors, Dun & Bradstreet, Recurrent, Black Book, Cox Automotive, Plaid, and RVI Group.

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