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Enhance your fleet's efficiency and sustainability with Spring Free EV's Tesla program—competitive, high-mileage leases with minimal upfront costs. Electrify your business transport, benefit from lower operating costs, and embrace growth without personal credit score constraints.

Tesla Fleet

Integrating Tesla vehicles into commercial fleets significantly enhances operational efficiency and sustainability. Yet, too often, fleet managers are deterred by high initial costs. Not so when you partner with Spring Free EV.

Spring Free EV’s Tesla fleet program allows business owners to employ the latest Tesla models at affordable prices. How so?

1. Spring Free EV offers rental car companies zero to low down payments. Traditional fleet purchases involve significant upfront costs. With Spring Free EV as your lender, you can acquire Tesla vehicles with little to no upfront cost.

2. Our lease terms are built for high-mileage usage. With a number of miles built into the monthly pricing system—and no mileage caps to boot—fleet managers can dispatch Teslas all over town without worrying about costly fees.

3. To receive car financing, Spring Free EV does not require a personal credit score from business owners. Rather than focusing on your individual line of credit, we take a holistic approach, considering the whole health of your business and its potential for growth.

When looking to electrify your transportation business, there is no better choice than a fleet of Teslas. Tesla’s electric vehicles are renowned for their lower operating costs due to their functionality, energy efficiency, and reduced maintenance needs. Even more, the long-range capabilities of Tesla vehicles, coupled with the extensive Supercharger network, ensure that commercial fleets can cover substantial distances with minimal downtime at charging stations. And of course, Tesla’s advanced driver-assistance features, such as Autopilot, enhance safety and reduce driver fatigue, contributing to overall fleet security.

So, how do you secure an electric fleet of Teslas? We’re so glad you asked.

Why Choose Spring Free EV for Your Tesla Fleet Program Management & Leasing?

Embracing Tesla vehicles in commercial fleets not only aligns businesses with eco-friendly practices, releasing zero emissions, but also presents a positive brand image associated with innovation and sustainability. Additionally, potential government incentives and rebates further sweeten the deal, making the transition to Tesla vehicles an economically viable and environmentally responsible choice for forward-thinking commercial fleet operators. Add in Spring Free EV’s fleet financing options, and it’s a deal you can’t refuse.

Our EV Fleet Leasing & Financing Models For Tesla

Look good, do good, and save big.

Spring Free EV offers those in fleet management affordable access to the latest EV models on the market.

Flexible and Affordable Pricing

Spring Free EV: A Different Approach to Fleet Leasing

Spring Free EV offers electric vehicle leasing solutions with a unique focus on the needs of business, especially those that require high mileage driving.


Focus on Commercial Use:

Traditional leasing models are designed for personal use, with contracts stipulating limits on mileage and fines for wear and tear. At Spring Free EV, however, we understand businesses that use commercial vehicles extensively and structure our leases accordingly.


High Mileage Driving:

Spring Free EV offers a base rate with no mileage caps. This ensures rental car companies have all they need for their customers.

Business health

Business Health Check:

Rather than relying on an individual’s credit check, Spring Free EV conducts a health check to assess the financial stability and profitability of a business as a whole. This approach makes fleet electrification that much more accessible for startups and small businesses.

Join Our Mission to Reduce Climate Change

Spring Free EV is working to reduce carbon emissions and create a cleaner, greener world. Join our mission to reduce climate change by transforming your commercial fleet into a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective operation.

Tesla Fleet Guide

Affordable Tesla Fleet Acquisitions: What You Should Know

Tesla is synonymous with luxury. As such, they can feel financially out of reach—especially when looking to outfit an entire commercial fleet. But, thankfully, with Spring Free EV, a fleet of Tesla EVs becomes an incredibly affordable option. How so?

  • Low Down Payments: Spring Free EV provides companies of all sizes with low down payment options, obliterating the high upfront costs that often hinder fleet managers from electrifying their fleets.
  • Tax Incentives: Many local, state, and federal government agencies are currently prioritizing the reduction of carbon emissions. That means significant tax incentives exist for companies that electrify their fleets, making Tesla much more affordable.
  • Long-Term Financial Savings: When considering the affordability of a Tesla fleet, it is critical to take the long view and assess the total cost of ownership (TCO). By leasing a Tesla, companies gain the following financial benefits:
    • Lower Maintenance Costs
    • Lower Fuel Costs
    • Lower Depreciation and Higher Resale Value
    • Lower Operating Costs

Financing Your Tesla Fleet Made Easy

Several financing options are available for fleet owners and managers looking to lease a fleet of Tesla EVs.

  • Option #1: Tesla Business Financing: You can finance vehicles directly through Tesla. To finance with them, you will submit a credit application, confirm the amount you’ll need to finance, and state your preferred monthly payment and financing terms. Tesla will then review your application and creditworthiness and let you know when you are approved.

    Pro Tip: With Spring Free EV, your eligibility is determined by an overall business health check, not your credit line, which makes Tesla financing even more accessible for small and growing businesses.

  • Option #2: Third-Party Financiers: Tesla works with a number of third-party financiers, like Spring Free EV, to provide financing programs for businesses. Third parties can often offer competitive interest rates and more flexible term lengths.

    Pro Tip: Tesla financing terms last between 36 and 84 months. Carefully consider your business’s needs—and the flexibility you might require—as you negotiate the length of your terms. Spring Free EV offers financing terms as short as one year to provide companies maximum flexibility.

  • Option #3: Customized Solutions: Don’t hesitate to ask Tesla or other third-party financiers for customized financing solutions. Each business is unique and will have different needs when outfitting its fleet and financing the vehicles.

    Pro Tip: Be clear about your business’ budget, short- and long-term goals, and overall fleet needs. This will help you know how to best customize financing terms, whether altering the down payment or tweaking the length of the agreement.

Tesla’s Risk-Free Fleet Leasing: A Smart Choice

When it comes to leasing fleet vehicles, there is no safer or smarter option than Tesla EVs. Why?

  1. Flexible Lease Terms:
    With financing options as short as one year, you’ll have a built-in safety net of flexibility. Test using a Tesla in your fleet and see how much money you save and how much your driver enjoys it. In a year, scale up or down, or reassess altogether. We’re confident that even in that short time, you’ll see the significant benefits of adding a Tesla to your fleet—satisfaction guaranteed.
  2. Financial Stability:
    Businesses are often concerned with high interest rates and financing terms. But with Tesla’s flexible financing terms, government incentives, and customized support through Spring Free EV, acquiring a fleet of Tesla EVs is a financially sound choice.
  3. Health of Your Business:
    The market is constantly changing, and with it, so are the needs of your business. That’s why we keep our terms flexible and assess your business not on its creditworthiness but on its overall health. We at Spring Free EV want to empower you to meet your fleet goals—and adapt with you when those change.
  4. Stable Resale Value:
    Tesla EVs are an incredibly stable vehicle with an inherently strong resale value. With less wear and tear on the car itself—plus an ever-increasing market interest in EVs—a fleet of Tesla vehicles is a wise business investment that will hold steady, even when it comes time to sell.
  5. Ever-growing EV Landscape:
    The landscape of the transportation industry is undergoing a significant shift. More and more companies are adopting EVs—and more and more consumers are looking for companies that prioritize sustainability. Adopting Tesla EVs for your commercial fleet vehicles sets you up as a leader in the industry and a model for sustainability in transportation. It is a wise business decision that will reap benefits ten-fold for your bottom line and your reputation.

EV Fleets and Legislation: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Local, state, and federal governments are focusing more energy on reducing climate change. Many regions already offer financial incentives, tax credits, and grants to encourage businesses to adopt EVs into their commercial fleets. That will only increase as governments and regulatory bodies continue to set stricter emissions standards for vehicles and even implement certain zero-emissions zones, especially in urban areas.

With the world rapidly moving toward the adoption of EVs, there is no better time to stay ahead of the curve and establish your competitive advantage. Contact Spring Free EV today to see how you can electrify your fleet with all-new Tesla models.

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  • 3. Health of Your Business
  • 4. Stable Resale Value
  • 5. Ever-growing EV Landscape
  • EV Fleets and Legislation: Staying Ahead of the Curve

EV Fleet Services Across Multiple US States:

Spring Free EV now serves several states across the US, offering businesses in diverse regions the opportunity to upgrade their fleets with our affordable EV leasing programs. Experience the same commitment to efficiency and sustainability, no matter where your business is located.