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Enhance your fleet's efficiency and sustainability with Spring Free EV's Ford program—affordable, high-mileage leases with minimal upfront costs. Electrify your business transport, benefit from lower operating costs, and embrace growth without personal credit score constraints.

Ford Fleet

Why Choose Ford When Electrifying Your Fleet?

With its longstanding reputation in the automotive industry, Ford Motor Company has actively expanded its lineup of electric vehicles, including options well-suited for commercial use. By choosing Ford’s electric fleet vehicles, your company will enhance its operational efficiency, reduce its environmental impact, and improve its bottom line. What’s not to love about that?

Let’s dive deeper into why you should choose Ford vehicles when electrifying your fleet.

Comprehensive Range of Models

Ford offers a variety of electric vehicle models, including the Mustang Mach-E, the F-150 Lightning XLT, the F-150 Lightning Lariat, and the E-Transit van. This range of eligible vehicles ensures businesses can find cars, trucks, and vans that fit their specific needs.

Proven Durability and Reliability

Ford is known for building durable and reliable vehicles. Their move into the EV space comes with the same commitment to quality. Ford has designed its e-series to meet the demands of commercial use, ensuring businesses can rely on their fleet vehicles for consistent performance.

Cost Efficiency

Electric vehicles and trucks offer significant savings on fuel and maintenance compared to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Ford EVs are no exception. They provide lower operating costs thanks to fewer moving parts requiring maintenance and the lower cost of electricity as fuel. This leads to substantial savings, especially for fleets that undergo excess wear and cover a lot of ground.

Advanced Technology and Safety Features

Ford electric vehicles have the latest technology and safety features, including Ford’s Co-Pilot360™ technology. These offer advanced driver assistance systems that help prevent accidents and reduce driver fatigue. Ford’s safety features improve the overall safety of your fleet operations and can even reduce insurance costs.

Supportive Infrastructure

Ford supports EV owners with its ever-expanding network of charging stations and solutions. The FordPass™ Charging Network provides access to an extensive network of public charging stations, making it easier for your fleet to stay charged and ready. Additionally, Ford offers connectivity solutions that help fleet managers monitor and manage their EVs efficiently, optimizing operations and reducing downtime.

Be Ready for the Future

Global trends are moving towards stricter emissions regulations. Society is focusing more and more on sustainability. By transitioning to an electric fleet, your business will be a forward-thinking leader, ready for the future of transportation.

So, how do you secure an electric fleet of Fords? We're so glad you asked.

Why Choose Spring Free EV

For Your Ford Fleet Program Management & Leasing?

Choosing Spring Free EV means partnering with a provider that offers a seamless, flexible, and supportive path to electrifying your commercial fleet. Our comprehensive services, focus on sustainability, and financial flexibility make us an ideal partner for businesses looking to embrace the future of transportation. Here’s why Spring Free EV stands out as the best option for a commercial financing needs:

Our EV Fleet Leasing & Financing Models For Ford

Spring Free EV offers those in fleet management affordable access to the latest EV models on the market.

Flexible and Affordable Pricing

Spring Free EV: A Different Approach to Fleet Leasing

Spring Free EV’s unique leasing terms offer businesses flexible and affordable pricing. We partner with you to provide the latest electric models available and accessible, keeping your fleet cutting-edge and competitive. How so?

Low Down Payment:

SFEV has zero to low down payments so that you don’t have to find a large amount of cash just to acquire a vehicle. This reduces the burden of initial costs and allows more businesses to acquire vehicles and scale their fleets. This is particularly helpful for start-ups and small businesses.

Tax-Deductible Lease Payments:

Spring Free EV’s lease payments are tax deductible, saving you money every single month. In many states, companies are also eligible for other tax rebates and deductibles. We offer robust guidance on how to take advantage of all the financial incentives and rewards for companies that use electric vehicles.

One-Year Lease Options:

Spring Free EV offers fleet managers one-year leases and a satisfaction guarantee. We’ve found one year to be the perfect time for a company to add more vehicles without feeling locked in to a long-term commitment. Such flexibility gives fleet managers peace of mind, knowing they can try new vehicles without taking on significant financial risk.

Tailor the Transition to Your Business Needs:

Spring Free EV works with you to tailor our services. We assess your fleet needs, help you choose the appropriate EV models, and work with you to plan your electric fleet sustainably.

Join Our Mission to Reduce Climate Change

Spring Free EV is at the forefront of the electric revolution. We offer innovative solutions for fleet managers eager to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace sustainability. Transitioning to Ford commercial electric vehicles with Spring Free EV means you will enjoy significant cost savings and contribute to a healthier planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a win-win.

By choosing Spring Free EV, you’re not just making a choice for the environment; you’re opting for cutting-edge technology that enhances your operations and showcases your commitment to corporate responsibility. Contact us today to explore how your fleet can thrive while making a positive impact on the world.

EV Fleet Services Across Multiple US States:

Spring Free EV now serves several states across the US, offering businesses in diverse regions the opportunity to upgrade their fleets with our affordable EV leasing programs. Experience the same commitment to efficiency and sustainability, no matter where your business is located.