EV Fleet Financing:

Affordable, High Mileage Electric Vehicles

Are you considering leasing a fleet of electric vehicles? With their lower overall costs and significant environmental benefits, EV fleets are transforming the way fleet managers and owners operate. And with Spring Free EV, fleet electrification has never been easier.

Why Choose Spring Free EV for Your Fleet Financing?

Spring Free EV is built to meet the needs of high-mileage commercial fleets.

Our EV Fleet Models

Spring Free EV offers business owners access to the latest EV models on the market. With EV fleet management, companies will look good and save big. With lower maintenance costs, lower fuel costs, and charging infrastructure improving every day, EV fleet solutions have never been better.

Flexible and
Affordable Pricing

Spring Free EV is committed to providing flexible and affordable pricing that makes operating EV fleets and sustainably meeting fleet needs accessible for businesses of all sizes.

To lease a Tesla, businesses pay a base rate that comes with 1,800 miles/month built in. To build beyond the base rate, leases have a pay-per-mile subscription model with no mileage caps. Cruise the town and get business done without worry of additional fees.

Similarly, the base rate for the Chevrolet Bolt includes 2,000 miles/month built in, with a pay-per-mile subscription model beyond that.

With short, flexible lease terms, businesses are able to return, renew, and purchase in as little time as one year.

Spring Free EV:

A Different Approach to Fleet Financing

Spring Free EV offers electric vehicle leasing solutions with a unique focus on the needs of businesses, especially those that require high-mileage driving.

Focus on Commercial Use

Traditional leasing models are designed for personal use, with contracts stipulating limits on mileage and wear and tear that make them less than ideal for commercial use. Spring Free EV, however, structures its leasing terms to be more accommodating for businesses that need to use vehicles extensively.

High Mileage Driving

Traditional leases often come with mileage limits, and exceeding these can result in hefty additional costs. Spring Free EV offers a flat rate with no mileage caps, making it more suitable for delivery services, ride-sharing, and other high-mileage businesses.

Business Health Check

Traditional car leasing usually involves a credit check to assess the individual’s creditworthiness. Spring Free EV, however, conducts a business health check to assess the financial stability and profitability of a business as a whole. This is perfect for startups or those with unconventional financial profiles that might not pass a traditional credit check but are otherwise financially sound. Spring Free EV takes a holistic approach when assessing businesses and their finances.

Join Our Mission to Reduce Climate Change

There has never been a better time to electrify your fleet vehicles: Public charging stations are becoming more and more common and the call for sustainability that much stronger. Join the mission to release zero emissions and make a positive impact on our environment. Get started with Spring Free EV and transform your fleet into a more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective operation.

Contact us today to explore our flexible leasing options tailored to your business needs. Let’s drive change together and pave the way for a cleaner, greener future!


Unlike traditional leases, we are specifically for commercial use, have lower upfront costs, and are best suited for high mileage driving.

Our base monthly price includes 1,800 – 2,000 miles per month, depending on the vehicle. Once the included miles are reached we charge $0.08-$0.31 per mile.

Our vehicles can not be used as a personal vehicle. At this time we only offer commercial leases which require a business license to qualify. 

Electric vehicles (EVs) cut maintenance costs by having fewer moving parts, simplified maintenance routines (e.g. no oil changes), longer-lasting brakes, improved battery technology for longer lifespan, and utilizing remote monitoring for proactive maintenance. These factors lead to significantly reduced maintenance expenses compared to traditional vehicles.

Companies like Hertz estimate that they save 50-60% on maintenance by switching to electric vehicles. This in turn allows them to increase their profit margins.

On average, it costs $10-$30 to go from empty to full, depending on the kind of charger used. That cost is even lower if you’re able to charge at home – dropping down to $6 on average. 

For comparison, it costs gas vehicles $46-$57 on average to fill up.

We’re a seasoned group of entrepreneurs with rich backgrounds in mobility (Tesla, Sidecar, Getaround, Revel), renewable energy finance (Sunrun, Mosaic), and structured finance (Morgan Stanley, Rabobank).

Our investors include Reid Hoffman (co-founder of LinkedIn), Ev Williams (founder of Twitter), Stephen DeBerry (founder of Bronze VC) and Spring Lane Capital.