Introducing EVInstafleet

A better way to expand your fleet

We flipped the commercial
auto lease model to help customers

Scale their


Lower total vehicle costs


cash flow

Unlike traditional leases, our EVInstafleet is built for high mileage use – making us a perfect fit for rental, taxi, and work fleets.

No Mile Limits:
Mile minimums instead of mile maximums

  • Our base rate includes 2,000 miles per month (1,800 miles for Teslas)
  • Our Unlimited Miles tier (~2,750 miles per month) unlocks a flat rate

Pay-per-mile subscription model

  • Customers pay a base monthly rate (that includes 1,800-2,000 miles) plus a fee per additional mile driven
  • Once our Unlimited Miles tier is reached, we charge a flat rate. You’ll pay the same price at 3,000 miles as you will for 10,000 miles

Top-rated electric vehicles

  • Access to popular EV makes and models including Tesla and Chevy - and we’re continuing to expand our inventory
  • EV maintenance and fuel costs are on average 40% less that gas vehicles

Why EV Leases

EV tax deductions

Tax deductions
Unlike loan payments, commercial auto lease payments are tax deductible

Lower maintenance
and fuel costs
See a 40% decrease in maintenance and fuel costs by switching to EVs
No impact on debt to income ratio

No impact on debt-to-income (DTI) ratio
DTI influences lenders’ assessment of your business


Ensure your fleet
is up to date

Upgrading vehicles every
3-5 years ensures you have access to the latest technology and telemetrics

Electric vehicle info

Environmental impact
Reduce CO2 emissions by 18,500 lbs/high mileage vehicles

How it Works

Business Health Check

Instead of a personal credit check, qualification is based on business health. Upload bank and profit & loss statements from the current and previous year

Get Approved

Financial statements, cash adequacy (via Plaid), and background check/MVR reviewed by Underwriting

Sign the dotted line

Review and sign our mileage lease agreement (aka EVMLA)

Select Your EVs and lease

Choose from top-rated, popular makes and models and 1-, 3-, 5-year terms


Shiny new vehicles are shipped. You’ll also receive onboarding support and access to our fleet management service

Will I Qualify

We consider a number of factors when reviewing applications, including:

What do I need
to start?