Tesla Model 3

Plans starting at $930/mo

Plan details

Note: You are paying $250 per vehicle to reserve a vehicle order. Final choice of trim and term can be made after completing our Business Health Check.

Plan Benefits

Lowest high mileage lease

Tax deductible lease payments

Cut operating expenses by up to 50%

Tesla Model 3

Mile Range

AWD, RWD available

4.0 sec
0-60 mph

Here’s how you save with SFEV
Average Daily Miles: 100 ( or 3,000 miles per month)

Traditional Gas lease

Spring Free EV lease







Mileage Overage



Monthly savings: $595

*Cost and savings assumptions

Gas-powered car: 30 mpg efficiency, $4/gallon cost of fuel, and maintenance cost of $0.10/mi, $0.25 overage fee for a 15,000 mile lease

Spring Free EV lease: 4.0 miles/kWh efficiency, $0.25/kWh cost of charge, maintenance cost of $0.06/mile, Spring Free EV overage fee of $0.25 (for 1801-2500 miles driven)