2024 Rivian R1S

Plans starting at $2094/mo

Plan details

Plan Benefits

Lowest high mileage lease

Tax deductible lease payments

Cut operating expenses by up to 50%

2024 Rivian R1S

Mile Range

AWD available

3.5 sec
0-60 mph

Here’s how you save with SFEV
Average Daily Miles: 100 ( or 3,000 miles per month)

Traditional Gas lease

Spring Free EV lease







Mileage Overage



Monthly savings: $595

*Cost and savings assumptions

Gas-powered car: 30 mpg efficiency, $4/gallon cost of fuel, and maintenance cost of $0.10/mi, $0.25 overage fee for a 15,000 mile lease

Spring Free EV lease: 4.0 miles/kWh efficiency, $0.25/kWh cost of charge, maintenance cost of $0.06/mile, Spring Free EV overage fee of $0.25 (for 1801-2500 miles driven)