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Simple, Hassle-Free Access to Cars and Capital, No Personal Credit Required.

Traditional EV financing options can take upwards of six months, making it difficult to build your fleet quickly. EVInstaFleet provides financing and easy access to the most popular EVs in one combined product.

Most leases limit the number of miles before additional charges incur making it near-impossible for high-mileage drivers in car-sharing, ride-sharing, last-mile delivery, and rental fleet businesses like Turo, Getaround, HyreCar, Uber, Gopuff and Lyft to find a suitable financing solution. We make electric vehicles more affordable so you can start saving on fuel and maintenance, add the highest demand EVs to your fleet, and be a part of the future of transportation!

EVInstaFleet requires and uses a pay-per-mile subscription model, charging you a base monthly fee plus a fee per mile driven. Spring Free EV’s financing solution eliminates the hassle of acquiring fleet vehicles through traditional models and gets you the latest EVs at warp speed.

The process is stress-free, quick, and unbiased.

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