California Fleet Services with Spring Free EV: The Future of Mobility

California is leading the way in transforming the transportation industry. Starting January 2024, 50% of local authorities’ new vehicles must be zero emission. By January 2027, that number rises to 100%.

The upcoming transition is daunting for many fleet managers with high-mileage business needs. But with Spring Free EV’s comprehensive fleet service package, the transition to electric commercial vehicles is seamless and stress-free for businesses of all sizes.

Why Spring Free EV is the Top Choice for California Fleet Services?

Spring Free EV is the top choice for California fleet services, as we offer unique advantages that cater to the needs of the businesses in the region. Here’s why:

Designed for High Mileage Usage in California

Spring Free EV’s fleet leasing solutions are crafted to meet the demands of high-mileage fleets, including taxi services, car rentals, and company vehicles in California.

Significant Cost Savings with Electric Vehicles

By partnering with Spring Free EV, businesses can significantly reduce their costs. Many companies, including Hertz, have saved up to 60% in maintenance costs in the transition to electric fleets. This is because EVs require less maintenance, have fewer moving parts, and are more energy-efficient overall.

Spring Free EV’s fleet financing options make electric vehicle fleets even more viable. Spring Free EV offers low down payments and flexible lease terms and partners with businesses to take advantage of all of California’s current incentives and rebates.

EV chargers in your area


Unlike traditional leases, we are specifically for commercial use, have lower upfront costs, and are best suited for high mileage driving.

Our leases include a minimum monthly mileage of 2,000 miles (1,800 for Teslas). If you go over the minimum mileage you pay an overage fee until you reach our Unlimited Miles tier (~2,750 miles). Once that threshold is reached, you unlock a flat rate. We won’t charge you a cent more if you go over.

Our vehicles can not be used as a personal vehicle. This includes use for gig driving (renting the vehicle on platforms like HyreCar, Turo, and Getaround is fine, however). Vehicles are strictly for business-use only.

Join the EV Revolution in California with Spring Free EV

California, it’s time to embrace the future of mobility with Spring Free EV and make the leap toward more sustainable and cost-effective commercial fleets. Take advantage of the opportunity to drive positive change for your business and the environment. Contact Spring Free EV now and join the electric vehicle revolution in California!